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White Picket Hydrangeas | Daily Design No.2

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 Today I wanted to create earrings that gave me the same feeling as "summer time, hop on your bike and go to the ice cream shop across from the beach". A girl can dream, right? 

I started out with a stunning deep teal color, it reminds me of the ocean at its deepest. Once my pieces were ready, I carefully cut out strips of clay for the white picket fence, taking my time laying them down to make sure they're even and straight.

When I was happy with how the fence looked, I started adding foliage, almost sketching out where I wanted this hydrangea bush to be. I added lots of little leaves for beautiful texture and depth! 

Now for the good part. I started adding little pops of color that would be turned into my hydrangea flowers. I added texture and accent colors to create lots of depth in these flowers, that's what makes them look like actual flowers rather than little bits of clay. 

When they were all cured, I added earring posts and they were finally ready to go out in the world :)


- These earring posts are 18k gold plated, which is friendly to sensitive ears and nickel free.

- I do recommend storing them in a safe place and treating them as you would treat any delicate, handmade jewelry! 

- Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.


Drop Length: 1.75 in


Each order comes with a pouch for travel and storage, along with a polishing cloth to keep your jewelry clean and safe!  


Read my shop policies for a better understanding of polymer clay and my shipping process