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185 willow forks rd, Lexington SC 29073

Meet The Maker

Hi there!
I'm Mallory (Mal), the owner and designer at ShopMalCreates.
Everything that you see in my shop has been handmade by me every single step of the way!
I'm from Columbia, South Carolina and I have dreams of someday living in the city. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the mountains (Mount Pisgah is one of my most favorite places in the world), but the thing I love the most is being around people and knowing that I can walk down the street and be somewhere exciting. If i'm cooped up for too long, I go nuts.
I have an adorable orange kitty named Moose, who spends his days napping in the sun, cackling at birdies, and chewing on plastic. He's a really cool guy, but sometimes he's the most annoying thing ever. 
I enjoy iced coffee in the winter, and watching Harry Potter all the time. My favorite beast is the Niffler (especially the babies) and i'm a Slytherin! My guilty pleasure is reading HP fanfic. Don't tell anyone, though.  
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