My Story

The story of ShopMalCreates isn't unlike a lot of other small, handmade businesses.
All my life, I enjoyed creating. Painting, knitting, drawing, sewing, you name it. All of these hobbies were self-taught! Every time I thought of something I wanted to do, I hopped on youtube and looked up tutorials.
Early 2019, I discovered that I could make my own scrunchies. I was a fabric fiend, so of course I had tons of scraps saved up for future projects. I decided to open an Etsy shop and sell my scrunchies. 
That's where it all began. for the first few months, I made scrunchies, hair pins, headbands, barrettes and other hair accessories. After a little while, I realized I didn't want to be a hair accessories shop anymore. I wanted to expand! 
That's when I started playing with polymer clay, and I immediately fell in love with it! I started making earrings and added them to my Etsy shop. 
Around November of 2019, I added my first polymer clay jewelry dishes to my shop. I had no idea that they would be my best-selling items. They took off so fast, and I was NOT used to the high volume of orders. I learned a lot about my business that holiday season.
Very recently, I went back to my roots and created my first line of polymer clay hair clips! I'm so thrilled with the amazing response they've gotten so far. I've since added new designs of clips to my store!
If you'd like to see behind the scenes and my products being made, follow me on instagram! you can scroll back and see the timeline of my shop and my VERY embarrassing earliest posts.
Polymer Clay