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How Do My Restocks Work?

If you aren't familiar with how I work and how my restocks happen, you're in the right place! You might also want to check out my instagram for behind-the-scenes looks and exclusive info about restocks! (@ShopMalCreates)
Every month, I make earrings that are highly detailed and take a lot of time and attention to create. I'm lucky enough to have so many amazing supporters and people who follow along and appreciate my art.
Because of this, (and because I only have two hands) designs have the potential to sell out quickly on restock day! 
If you have your eye on a specific piece, I suggest setting an alarm and being on the site when the restock goes live! If you want to be notified of restock dates, you can follow me on instagram and sign up to receive emails! The next restock date is always listed in the banner at the top of my site.
Thank you so much for loving my art and following along! 
-- Mallory