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Squiggle Frame Original Painting - May 2023

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$40.00 USD

This original painting features a pansy, poppies, and a daffodil surrounded by foliage on a white clay frame! The edges are also painted lilac :)
This is a petite little guy, so I forwent the typical hardware and instead added a pair of velcro strips to the back for hanging. I did this because the frame is super lightweight and this is a totally renter-friendly option, so it's great for everyone!
I just want to say how excited I am to offer my paintings to you all. I never thought I was good enough for people to want my paintings, but you guys have given me the confidence and I'm so grateful to you for that! Thank you :)


- Painted on polymer clay, sealed with a clear varnish to make long lasting.

- Velcro strips included for a super renter friendly hanging option on this light-weight painting!


Size- 4.5 x 3.5 inch

Weight- 41 grams (both earrings)

(A US quarter weighs about 6 grams)



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