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HP Herbology Hair Clip Set

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$30.00 USD

I personally believe that the best way to get Harry Potter merch/ art is from an artist and not from a source that gives some of your money to a horrible person that happens to be the author...

I really wanted to make something based off of the beautiful nature elements in the Harry Potter world, so the herbology clip set was born! They're made in a watercolor style of painting that really looks amazing with the illustrations themselves.

Materials: Balsa wood, acrylic paint, brass alligator hair clips


Mandrake Clip- 2..5 x 1 inches, 9 grams

Herbology Book clip- 2 x 0.50 inches, 3 grams

Mushroom clip- 2 x 1.25 inches, 4 grams

(A US quarter weighs about 6 grams)


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