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Cloudy Sky Arch Barrette | Glossy + Matte

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Lately i've been obsessed with pulling my hair back with clips and barrettes. So, I set out to make some really cute ones that match my vision perfectly, since I couldn't find any online.

The quilted texture makes these barrettes feel luxurious and modern, and I purposefully chose colors like mint, pine, and periwinkle to add a playful quality. I've marbled together periwinkle, white, and cream to create a near-perfect replica of a cloudy sky!

The arch barrette is 3 inches long and 1.5 inches tall.

I have super thick hair, and I have no problem pulling back the top layer into the barrette. On the opposite end, The Barrette is firm enough that thin layers of hair will be secure as well. 


Glossy + matte options available


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