Custom Kitty FAQ!

Here's all of the information you need on my custom kitty designs!

When can I purchase?

Friday, April 12th at 6pm ET!

I'll only have a few slots available for each design, so make sure you get on the site right when they go live to make sure you get what you want!


How can I get a reminder?

I highly recomend you sign up for my emails!

I don't spam or send lots of them, I just send out very important info AND I send emails when a restock/ new collection goes live!

Tap to join the email list!

How do I purchase?

At the time of the restock, you can come here to my website and there will be a page called "custom kitty designs"!

After you checkout with all of your favorite designs, all you have to do is wait! After the weekend, I'll email you and that's when you can send me pictures of your kitty :)

This helps me keep everything organized so you can receive your kitty designs as soon as possible!


Can I make special requests?

Yes! It depends on what you'd like me to do, but I recommend waiting until I email you for the picture and then letting me know.

Some people want me to make sure their clay kitty has the same silly shaped spot as their real one, some people prefer certain poses, some want different color flowers, etc.

I do reserve the right to refuse a request if it substantially increases the amount of time it takes to create your design.

If there is a request you have that you're unsure of, just email me! I'd be happy to chat about it.


What kind of designs will be available?

I'll have earrings, necklaces, hair barrettes, phone/ Kindle grips, Ornaments and plant propagation tubes available on Friday!


What will the prices be like?

There are going to be a few designs with multiple options (like adding cats, sizes, etc) So it's hard to say EXACT prices right now.

I would say the range of all prices would be around $60-$150!

Like I mentioned, it depends heavily on the options you choose :)


What if I have more than one kitty?

Don't worry! I would never make you choose.

Most of the designs will have the option to add more kitties!


How long will it take to recieve my kitty designs?

The processing time for these designs is 10-15 business days!

I know that may seem like a lot, but I usually send orders out before the processing time is up.

I list a longer time just in case I get a larger influx of orders or I run into issues. No biggie!

Just keep in mind that I sculpt every single detail by hand, and that can take multiple hours per design! I'm only human, after all :)


Can you put my dog on one of the designs?

Dogs take a LOT longer to sculpt because they require more realistic details to make them look anatomically correct!

That being said, I will have an option to put your doggie on the design instead, but the price will reflect the increased time they take!

Everything else will work exactly the same, I'll email you and you can send pictures.

Just keep in mind, the dog will be a little more realistic and less cutesy/ cartoonish :)


Thank you SO MUCH for your love on these designs, I can't wait to start sculpting your kitties!

See you Friday :)